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Regoregitated Sacrifice Stream German




Starring by the infamous Astronaut Natalis Andriasian. On a day when the full moon rises, a young girl is being taken by her mother to the local church to be buried. However, things do not go as planned, and the entire group is torn apart by a mass of howling demons. The girl is rescued by a group of kids, one of whom is possessed by a demon. When the child dies, her soul goes to the next world where she transforms into the mother and finds a new husband. The body of the child, however, becomes a house for demons. Then a mysterious man with blood-red eyes arrives and carries out a mysterious ritual, and the demon-possessed child's soul, along with his entire existence as a human, is transformed into a demon. ReGOREgitated Sacrifice is a one-man ritual horror with the talents of Astronaut Natalis Andriasian as the main performer. He has the ability to take the form of the dead from the time of death up until the time of decomposition. This means he can appear as a person who died years ago, as well as a person who was buried today. Natalis's makeup/costume, which is a popular Japanese horror movie from the 1960's era, is all hand-painted. Andriasian also draws the film's storyboards, an approach he has taken for other projects. The date of the release of ReGOREgitated Sacrifice is still unknown, though it is presumed to be after 2012, the release date of Andriasian's second feature-length film, HELL IS IN THE GARDEN. Currently the only people officially confirmed to be involved in the project are Natalis Andriasian, and Miklós Orbán, an editor of Andriasian's production company, who has worked on the past two horror films Andriasian has produced. Andriasian's films are difficult to classify. Part of his work, like his previous film, HELL IS IN THE GARDEN, is horror. But the latest one combines sci-fi and horror elements, thus bringing up the idea of a B-movie, a trend Andriasian himself has been part of. In interviews, Andriasian has hinted that the B-movie genre is one of his personal favorite genres. In 2013 Andriasian was offered a cameo role in the American film film




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Regoregitated Sacrifice Stream German

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